2017 Home Management Binder

I meant to post this before the end of 2016 but it wasn't ready yet and goodness knows the chaos that follows Christmas. Every year I struggle to find a planner that works for me so this year I decided to make my own. Everything is made up of free printables from several different blogs. I really like the way it turned out and I hope it can be a good resource for you as well. 

Let's start off with the binder itself. I simply ADORE office supplies so clearance after back to school is always my friend. I shop then anyway because we always start homeschooling after the local schools go back, which works out great. I got this binder for $1 and it came with 5 divider tabs and a snap pocket. I actually got 2 because they were such a great deal. One is my son's homeschool binder. 

This front cover page is a cute printable I found called The Homemaker's Prayer. It's the only thing that's was paid so if you want to use something else for the cover you can. 

Next I needed monthly and weekly pages. I keep all my birthdays and anniversaries on the monthly pages but do my daily scheduling on the weekly ones. There are a lot of 2017 monthly pages to choose from but I chose THIS ONE. Its pretty and feminine so I really liked it. 

My weekly pages were, by far, the most complicated to find. I REALLY wanted dated pages but to find those for free (that were pretty of course) was next to impossible! I finally found a site that did one for free but she was hesitant to publish again because someone stole her printables and was selling them on Etsy. Rude, right? Well she decided to keep going and her printables are simply gorgeous. She has a monthly as well if you want to get all your pages from one place. If you use her's please give loads of encouragement. I'm sure it was very defeating to find out someone had stolen your product. Click HERE for weekly printables

I found THESE monthly divider tabs on Amazon for only $2. 

To keep up with my cleaning schedule, I love The Confident Mom. For the last few years she's made her cleaning schedule available for FREE!! Its awesome. Anyone can fit this in to their schedule. Instead of telling you to clean the fridge, she says to clean off one shelf. Anyone has time for that! Its an extremely detailed cleaning schedule and has always been a favorite of mine. On this schedule there's also a meal planner so I don't really need a separate section for that. 

I have a few other sections for daily scripture writing, prayer requests, an income log and a master list of family recipes. Meal planning for me goes easier when I have all my dishes on a list in front of me. Because all of this is in a 3 ring binder, I can add whatever I like later on. 

You may notice I really don't keep a bills section. That's because I use an app called Prism which is the greatest thing in the world. I've never been so organized with my bills ever. 

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