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Single Wide Makeover - Toddler Loft Beds For The Boys

My family and I live in a single wide with 3 boys and one little one on the way. Space is a hot commodity in here. My 2 youngest boys are 5 and 2 and share that teeny tiny 2nd bedroom that every single wide has. If I had put a twin bed in there it would have taken up the entire room. The toddler beds fit relatively well in there. What I really wanted were bunk beds that would fit a toddler mattress. Of course that doesn't exist because of "safety regulations." So I had to venture out on my own.
About a year ago I came across this blog They have TONS of simple plans for building all sorts of things. That's where I found these loft beds.

The plans are crazy simple. I didn't like the idea of the ladder sticking out so I altered the plans for what I needed. Originally I was going to make bunk beds but then I realized the kids would have m…