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Help Kids Have The Heart Of A Servant

My 5 year old kind of developed his own chore system. Like all kids, he's always finding something he wants. We do 90% of our shopping at thrift stores but there's usually something new he wants. It all started with a Paw Patrol app for my iPad. It cost $4 and I told him he could do chores to earn it. I took one of those flat square lego pads (like this) and used the square bricks to count as one chore. Each chore has the value of 25 cents. So every time he did a chore, which he called a mission (no idea where that came from), he gets to put a square brick on his sheet. Now every time he wants something, he asks me how many missions that would be. The last thing he got was the Bunch O Balloons which was 30 missions. (They were only $7.88 at Walmart.) 

Its extremely important in our home that when a chore is done, it is done happily and not with a complaint or a sour attitude. He doesn't get his mission if he has a bad attitude when he does his chore. Every once in a while I…

Lilla Rose - FREE SHIPPING Enrollment Special

Incredible special from Lilla Rose! Free shipping on all new consultant enrollments! I became a consultant only to get the 30% consultant discount. There are no monthly minimums or fees. Once you pay for whatever package you want, that's it. They do have a minimum sales of $30 per year but who can't do that?? The $50 package gets you 5 flexis and a bunch of marketing materials.
That's a great deal on the flexis and sets you up with everything you need to sell or just use the discounts for yourself! Check it out!