Don't Let Your Children Graze On A Leadline.

Discipline is an art form. I always tell people God allowed me to train horses for years just so I would know how to raise my children. Its exactly the same. Except I can't tie my child up and walk away if I get frustrated. But the consistency is the same. 

If you expect a certain behavior out of your child, you need to expect that behavior all the time. Not just when it convenient for you or when you've had enough.

A lot of people let horses graze while they are leading them around in a halter. Then they get to a horse show or in a hurry and have to keep jerking on the lead rope to keep the horse from grazing. 

So how do you teach a horse that its ok to graze sometimes and not others? You don't. If its not ok sometimes that means its never ok. 

Same thing goes for raising children. If you don't want your child to throw a ball in the house sometimes, then its never ok. Don't give them an old, broken laptop to do as they wish with it and then get mad when they step on yours. They, like the horse, don't have the ability to understand when a behavior is acceptable and when it is not. Heck, sometimes they still can't figure that one out as teenagers.

Consistency is EVERYTHING when it comes to discipline. Everyone knows the saying "Give em an inch and they'll take a mile" and it is full of truth. 

Expect more of your kids and they will rise to the occasion. Have high standards. Always remember to give rewards for good behavior and discipline for the bad. And both should be done immediately.


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