Debunking The Myth That Babies Are Expensive

The number one justification I hear from people about why they are waiting to have kids is that they can't afford it. Babies are no where near as expensive as you think they are. As long as you do it right. 

I have 2 kids and am pregnant with my third. The first 6 months of my kids' lives I guarantee I spent less than $50 a month on the baby. If that. My number one expense was diapers which I got on Amazon Mom. Their subscribe and save feature cannot be beat. I went through one box a month at about $28 a box - delivered to my door. 

Both my babies were breastfed, so there's another zero expense (aside from the massive amount of food I ate.) If you have to feed formula you are in a whole other financial ball park. That mess is EXPENSIVE! 

Babies were made to be breast fed and mommies were made to make milk. Most women quit breastfeeding because of stress and disappointment. The odds that your baby pops out and magically knows how to nurse are basically nonexistent. Its HARD and it may mean that your baby nurses every 30 minutes for 25 minutes at first. Just remember its not forever. 

Neither one of my babies would latch so I pumped for 18 months for both of them. (Lazy little buggers.) I made just enough for the first and was a massive over producer for the second. By then I knew how everything was supposed to work so it was much easier. It will get easier with experience. Surround yourself with seasoned moms and lactation consultants. If you don't like a certain lactation consultant, find another one. I went through about 6 with my second child. Call hospitals and ask around. Most hospitals have free breastfeeding classes that are awesome. 

Speaking of breastfeeding, check with your insurance. Most are required to provide you with a breast pump 30 days before your due date. Depending on your insurance will determine which brands you can get. Check out You can put in your insurance and they will tell you what you qualify for and handle all the paperwork. 

My children wear very little new clothing. I would have to say 90% of their wardrobe is hand me downs from friends or thrift store clothing. The nice thing about babies is they only wear an outfit for a couple months before they grow out of it. That means the stuff you get used is really practically new. And thrift store shopping is way more fun because the selection is so much better. 

Utilize thrift stores for other equipment as well. Bouncers, Boppy pillows, exersaucers, bedding - whatever. Fabrics can be sanitized and for goodness sake, use common sense. If a bouncer is covered in filth, just pass. You can still get some extremely clean things if you pay attention. Some things need to be purchased new of course. I can't bring myself to buy a used crib mattress. But a decent used crib is a great deal. 

Check with your friends!! They may be between babies or just done altogether. That way you have a better idea of the condition of the items. 

If you must feed formula, sign up online for that manufacturer's coupons. Have your friends sign up as well. They usually send out free samples and great discounts. 

Once you get to the baby food stage, try to give baby foods you are already feeding your family. You can get a small hand crank food mill (like this) that works great. Just take whatever baby safe foods you have already cooked for the family and throw them in the mill. Keeps you from buying expensive jar food and allows baby to get used to the foods you are already making.

If you have to put your baby in daycare, my heart hurts for you, and that is an enormous expense. Sit down with your husband and see what the actual cost of you working is. By the time you factor in daycare, traveling, gas, lunches, etc you would be surprised to learn how little you are really bringing home. If its on your heart to stay home, pray that God guides you and your husband in that direction. There's a great book by Larry Burkett called Women Leaving The Workplace (aff link) that is my number one recommended book to women who desire to stay home. 

Your baby doesn't care if he has the $5,000 bedroom set and that his room is painted with murals. He won't care about his toys or clothes. All he wants is you. Mommy. You are the one person who is everything to him. Mommy can calm the tears and bring out the giggles. Don't underestimate yourself. 


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