Why Should God Give Me More?

I live in a single wide with my husband and 3 kids. Its cramped sometimes, there's very little storage, but I really have no issues with living in a mobile home. We plan to possibly build one day so its hard to decide to make improvements to where we are currently living. Its easy to let things go because we justify the fact that we aren't going to be living here much longer, even though the finances needed to build a home aren't on the radar. 

Then I went over to my friend Sara's house. Her house is smaller than mine plus she has 1 additional kid. They've been talking about buying land and moving for a couple years and seem to be in the home stretch to create their dream home. When I walked in, she and her husband had just completely repainted their house. Trim and everything. I asked her why on earth they went through all that trouble when they weren't going to be there much longer. It wasn't as if the old paint was bad, it still looked very nice. Then she told me something I'm not likely to forget ever in my life:

"Why should God give me something better if I'm not taking care of what He's already given me?"


Got it. Point taken God.

Is it really that much trouble to paint a wall and make your home look nice just because its not exactly what you want at the moment? Do your kids neglect the toys they have because they know they'll get something better one day? Show them how important it is to care for everything God gave you. Our "stuff" isn't ours, its His. Everything is His. Be confident that God is pleased with how you are caring for His things. 


  1. Yes, I have had this epiphany before. I too live in a single wide mobile home and it was impressed on my heart that "why should I give you something better if you are not taking care of what I have given you?"


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